HANA controls line of EVER Series are suited for rotary motion control valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, and damper, etc., which are widely applied for the control on water level, temperature, irrigation, water treatment, air condition, chemical engineer, foods and so on. NONE-CLUTCH ELECTRIC ACTUATOR. The manual operation can be operated without clutch and brake under our research and development.

EVER Series rotary actuators offers force of torque from 30 Nm to 3,000 Nm and numerous features including manual overrides, auxiliary switches, 4-20mA modulating control, several voltage options including 1-phase 24/120V/220V/ - 12 and 24VDC, 3-phase 220V, 380V, and 440V. All actuators are designed for maximum cycle life due to our rugged motors and gear trains.

HANA offers customers a wide variety of materials for construction options and design specifications.  


NER Series pneumatic heavy duty cylinder actuators start at 10 Nm. And go up to 3,500 Nm. Of output torque at 5 bar. Fail safe, spring return models have output torque's of 50 to 1,200 Nm.

All NER actuators can be easily and safely field converted from double acting configuration to fail safe spring return configuration by inserting the correct number of spring cartridges to the double acting unit, eliminating bulky housing extensions, saving weight and space.



The NER-HC Spring Return type and the NER-HB Double acting type provide powerful torque throughout the most common modulating range in seated and unseated positions. Rugged cast aluminum construction of housing and wear-resistant bearings provides long operating life.

NER series actuators are Safe, compact, versatile, rugged, long lasting and economical and the best and only choice for your pneumatic rack and pinion actuation needs.