HANA RV model valves are hydraulically self operated, diaphragm actuated for multi-function control of non-corrosive, non-abrasive fluids. Available in globe or angle configuration, these fully automatic valves operate off line pressure or if desired, from an independent power source. Our wide range of control pilots makes it possible to offer combination models for virtually any fluid-handling need. The basic Series RV valve contains only one moving part. This simplicity of design promotes dependability, reduces down-time, facilitates service and extends the life of the valve.


The Self Regulator RV automatically reduces higher upstream pressure to a constant lower downstream pressure regardless of changes in supply or demand. If downstream pressure exceeds value preset, the valve modulates until downstream pressure is acceptable. As available with various tubing configurations, RV regulators could be function of Flow Control, Sustaining, Check, Shut-Of, Relief, Surge control system.


Whether you are an engineer, contractor, distributor, operator, or just an interested in simple possible solution for most pipeline fluids stability, A self regulating valves and a few accessories will satisfy your demands with economical solutions.


Standard Features

 Globe 1/2" thru 3" (screwed), 6" (flanged)

 Angle 1/2" theu 2" (screwed), 4" (flanged)

 Ratings of 5K, 10K and 20K ( 125-250 Class)

 Hardened seat design with stainless and Buna-N soft diaphragms.


Available Materials of Body Construction:

 Cast Iron (A126-B) body with choice of disc and seat material.

 Cast Bronze (B61, B62)

 Cast Aluminum (356-T6)


RV-501 Heavy duty Bronze regulator is especially anti freezing flow-temperature regulating valve applicable building circulating system. Our unique plug and seat design perform an excellent control characteristics in minimum temperature fluctuations.


HV series of dependable full automatic control valves designed specifically to meet the requirements of water utility systems, greatly improve supply and distribution system efficiency. HANA Regulators offer precise control of pressure, flow, liquid level, surge and pump control.