HANA Corporation was established in 1994 as a manufacturer and suppliers of industrial control valve and final control devices for industrial applications. The name of HANA mean is that " The One or The Same"

Our early activities focused on final control systems especially for severe services in the energy industry and industrial process. Today, these activities was provide us such as manufacturing on qualified control valves for utility, energy, process and shipyards. we've been developing and supplying various valves and actuators for decades.

We have also supplied our products not only for domestic industrial market but also for overseas customers in co-generation power plants and chemical process facilities as well as utility service in general construction field. We have several own designed precise flow control valves and temperature regulating valves which are widely used for general applications. And We have heavy duty valves for specific applications of serious pressure drop and high vibration predicted .


We continue developing the new products to meet with modern industrial demands on digital communications and total solution system.  As our company motto of The first in Performance and the Last in dependence, we will continue to dedicate our efforts to become a reliable supplier and manufacturer.



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