HANA Model IS valve series are for industrial application and characterized with its tight shutoff, positioning accuracy, high thrust and simplified maintenance. It is widely used in many industries.


Designed for the toughest applications, it handles pressures from vacuum to 80 Bar and temperatures from -100 C to + 800 C. The spring-diaphram, cylinder, motor-operated and hydraulic actuated IS valve is stiff and maintains high positioning accuracy, repeatability, controlled high speed and instant response.


With 1.4 Bar to 15 Bar air supply, electric motor for 2 or 3 phases electric power source has the thrust necessary to shut off against high pressure differentials. Many of globe are single seated, top or cage guided.


Valves in various materials designed to meet the highest quality standards where less than a perfect fit is unacceptable. The design features of our products are the result of years of actual operating characteristics of our products as well as our competitors. A Light weight cast bodies are available 1/2" from 12"

  &  FOOD

Globe valves in anti corrosion materials exclusively designed for the Chemical Processing Industry.
A tight shut-off and minimized leakage available from special steel bodies 1/2" through 6" .

A stainless steel valves usually accepted in applications exclusively designed for the Food Processing Industry in body size from 1" to 4"


A unique series of globe valves specially suited for high pressure, highly abrasive and high heat applications where immediate & bubble tight shutoff is unnecessary. A special trim designed for low-aerodynamic energies and for high velocity services. Heavy duty valves are available 1/2" to 8"



A low pressure loss bodies exclusively designed for Ship Building Industry. Cast Iron and Steel bodies with manual backup operator are available from 3/4" to 4"



Specialized products designed for special "niche" markets.


In addition to being most durable and easy-to-service, HANA Model ES valve series are known for their so convenient installation and calibration feature in light duty services. This feature works because several of our 2-way, 3-way valves are designed with the simple construction shapes with precise control functions. Also standard parts can often be used in our industrial valves. It has been a long-standing and successful feature of our basic design, as evidenced in the fact of today's customers favorites selection in environment, utility, shipyards and building control application.


   ISU-HP valve control series effectively reduces gaseous and hydrodynamic noise,

and eliminates the damaging effects of cavitation. This unique trim consist of different passages which has concentric grooves machined on the face. Flow passes from the center of the disc stack across the face of the discs,causing a series of expansions and contractions of the flow. This mechanism reduces pressure gradually across the path of the discs without the sharp pressure drop and subsequent pressure recovery typical off conventional trims. The wide acceptance of this feature in the process control industry confirms its ability as a highly successful noise and cavitation reduction device.

HANA De-superheating valve models DS are variable cooling water spray types which generally used for rugged and reliable pressure reductions and temperature controls system. These models enables the system to deal with fluctuating service conditions such as in office buildings and could control wet steam pressure and temperature from 100% to 5% of full load within the 0.2 bar to 1.5 degree C changes at set point.