Reliability, long life, ease of maintenance, precise performance and a fair price- HANA combines all these essential ingredients to produce the finest line of automatic control valves in the market today.

From the conventional pneumatic operating valves to high-technical hydraulic actuating valves, general globe valves to custom-engineered valves. HANA has worked for control valves in high performance and durable services. These works include emerging technologies not only for standard off-the-shelf control valves, but also for handling the severe services: super-heated steam, volatile and corrosive fluids, high pressure drops, vibration, cavitation and high noise levels.

Our comprehensive product range offers standard and customised designs for demanding applications in power, petrochemical, oil, gas and associated industries.

The products, including control valves, regulators de-superheating valves and high pressure drop shut-off valves are manufactured in accordance with international standards and are designed to meet process and environmental regulations. HANA also recognises the importance of Quality Assurance and currently operated own QA system while almost parts are manufactured by qualified contractors.



    Our Products include ;


      Globe, Ball, Butterfly and Angle types

      Carbon steel, Cast Iron and high alloyed
      Weld ends or flanged body
      various flow characteristics for each installations
      Metal seated, soft insert seat

      Rigid guided stems and precise machined
      Easy maintenance

    on body design,

      Pneumatic diaphragm and cylinder

      Electric and Motor
      Hydraulic integrated power

    on actuator selections


Using the latest practices in design technologies, coupled with years of experience in the valve industry, Numerous features distinguish HANA products from its competitors. Continual design evolution provide the base from which our QUALITY reputation has been built.

HANA control valve products are engineered to provide optimal flow control reliability and performance, and simplify your works in the process.  HANA valve is The First in Performance  and The Last of Dependence.