HANA TC series industrial butterfly valves for HVAC, furnace, blower and exhaust air transfer systems, in addition to special service applications. HANA offers customers a wide variety of materials for construction options and design specifications. The company's experience in design and fabrication of quality valves has gained it worldwide customer acceptance

TC Series metal and soft seat butterfly valves have been proven extremely reliable over many years even in very demanding applications. A rugged, one-piece body and all floating valve seat design ensure valve performance is unaffected by pipeline forces, thermal fluctuation, dirty media or high flow velocities. The unique HANA geometry provides mechanically induced sealing, which is not dependent on differential pressures and ensures excellent bi-directional tightness even at very low pressures. Stub shafts and a recessed seat design provide very high flow capacity and minimum flow resistance.


HANA TC Butterfly Valve


Size Range: 2" to 36" (50 mm to 900 mm)


Standard Features

 20 bar / 10 bar (300/150 psig) maximum pressure ratings

 Dead end service rated (Lug Only).
 Flexible soft seat and metal seat.
 Machined and polished disc edge.
 Teflon Impregnated Fiberglass backed shaft bushings.


Available Materials of Construction:

 Cast Iron (A126-B) body with choice of disc and seat .

 Carbon Steel (A216 WCB) body with Cr-Plated SST disc and seat holder

 Alloy Steels as per service conditions of corrosive fluids


End Connections: Wafer and Lug.

Operators Available: