HAV V-Notch Ball Valve is designed for on/off control or throttling applications. This valve has an unrestricted straight through flow design, and provides high capacity for fluids even fibrous slurries. The HAV is designed with a splined shaft valve body that matches with a various type of actuators pneumatic and electric to form a dependable high performance control valve, ideal for many applications in the various processing industries.


Salient Features:


Superb Flow Characteristics:

Precise contouring on the HAV ball provides a very close equal percentage flow characteristic.


High Rangeability:
This tough design with low operating torque enables the HAV valve to be used with higher rangeability application than many globe valves.

Unlike flanged ball valves, the HAV design is excellent in most services. Control balls, sizes 2" to 8" can be used in services from KS 10K to KS 20K or ANSI 150 to 300 lbs. This enables the customer to minimize stocks of control ball valves by size only.

Low Dead Band:
Clamped actuator levers with a splined valve shaft aid in minimizing lost motion and improves control accuracy.

Low & High Temperature Capability:
Many construction materials and close machine tolerances give the HAV Valve design the versatility to be used for applications over a wide temperature span.


With 1.4 Bar to 15 Bar air supply, electric motor for 2 or 3 phases electric source has the thrust necessary to shut of against high pressure differentials.



Each ball and seat subassembly is mate-lapped by hand and put through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure its integrity. The HAV valves are available in full or reduced bore, 2" to 8". A wide variety of end connections are available.

This valve is the best choice in food, pulp and paper, chemical industries especially in power plants where tight shut-off and large bore isolation are mostly required.