HANA controls line of electric linear actuators offers a broad range of torque including manual overrides, auxiliary switches, 4-20mA modulating control, several voltage options including 1-phase 24/120V/220V/ - 12 and 24VDC, 3-phase 220V, 380V, and 440V.


The units feature gear trains and a unique manual override with hand wheel. All actuators are designed for maximum cycle life due to our rugged motors and gear trains. As with all actuators, our electric actuators are available with mounting kits on most globe,ball, butterfly and plug valves.


The actuators are widely for use on industrial liner and rotary valves for HVAC, furnace, blower and exhaust air transfer systems, in addition to special service applications.

HANA pneumatic heavy duty cylinder actuators are designed for remote on/off control service. Double-acting (type B) or spring return open/closed in case of air failure (type C) are available. The actuators' unique articulated lever crank design provides a torque output signature, which is particularly suited to automating rotary type valves together with linear motion valves on which high torque is required. The cylinder actuators provide powerful torque throughout the most common modulating range in seated and unseated positions. Rugged cast iron construction of housing and wear-resistant bearings provides long operating life.


HANA diaphragm actuators are muli-spring type, designed for throttling and on-off control service. These actuators come in several sizes of diaphragm area. The actuator is suited for use on both the general service control valves.  

Diaphragm spring opposed actuator provides dependable operation for a wide range of applications and this actuator offers many features which are made possible by use of multiple springs about the stem centerline

 HANA supply rotary motion actuators EVER of electric power and NER of pneumatic. These are selected to meet with operating torque at each service conditions and available ouput forces from 10 Nm to 3,500 Nm. All actuators could be easily and safely adjusted at field for acting correct fail safe.

Beside standard pneumatic and electric actuators, Hydraulic actuators are also available to control valves where high torque and low noise required in operation and lower speed acceptable instead. Through integral motor assembly and hydraulic valve control mechanism This actuator provide smooth operations. Power only consumed when the electric actuator is operating.